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The Pros And Cons Of Amazon Selecting Indy For HQ2

So you’re telling us there’s a chance.

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Indy Can Become A Tech Hub Without The New Amazon Headquarters

But there are a few bugs in the program that gets the city there.

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What's The Password?

“About 18 percent of venture-backed tech companies in the U.S. have at least one female founder on the team. Here, that number is only 8 percent.”

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Why One Indy Tech-Industry Player Supports Refugee Resettlement

“It’s not just believing in it as a human and for humanity and for morality.”

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February Style File: Tech Accessories, Fira Boutique, MudLOVE, and more

Who doesn’t want a pair of cat-ear headphones?

Bluebridge “Each department has its own space, but the areas all connect in the middle. And the coolest thing happens: People collaborate there at the center. It sort of forces a collision between employees from different departments, and that’s where the big ideas happen.” — Santiago Jaramillo, founder and CEO
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Q&A with Bluebridge’s Santiago Jaramillo

“First, we sometimes have this self-effacing Hoosier humble confidence that can swing too much into being ashamed of Indiana and talking down Indiana. That does us no good.”

Lesson.ly “We work out of an old schoolhouse that was built by Clemens Vonnegut, Kurt’s great grandfather. He gave us massive windows, beautiful slate chalkboards, and mile-high ceilings. And Lesson.ly places no stigma on taking breaks. We have a pitch-black nap room with three beds. Most folks nap between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.” — Max Yoder, co-founder and CEO
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Why All Indy Startups Are Local

The more the national light shines on Indy startups, the more important it is that these companies achieve their most meaningful growth with local ingredients.

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Exit Interview with Scott Jones

“All of my best ideas are scribbled on airplane barf bags.”

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The Day That Made Millionaires

“I live in a normal neighborhood in Greenfield with a couple of cul-de-sacs, and I literally went door to door to get people to invest $5,000 in ExactTarget. On the Google Map of my neighborhood, you’ll see, like, seven swimming pools. Every one of the swimming pools corresponds to an ExactTarget investor.”

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What Does Tech in Indy Pay?

“Startups are high-risk, high-reward. It could be a lot. You know the saying, ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch’? There are a lot of good-looking eggs, but none have hatched yet.”

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Making a Splash with Edwin the Duck

When paired with a free app, the interactive duck features stories, music, and learning-based games. It’s a rare example of a consumer electronic conceived in Indy.

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You’re Using the Internet Wrong

“There was an early rule that if they follow you, you should follow them back, and kumbaya. But the more you narrow your focus, the more valuable your feed can become.”

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Tech City, Indiana: Is Indy the New Spamalot?

“Not many places have had that kind of success. We’re not faking it. This is real.”

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Indy’s Tech Ten

Of the thousands of technology businesses tinkering in Indy right now, these are generating the most buzz.

Amanda Heckert
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Editor’s Note, February 2016: Emerging Indy Coffee and Tech Scenes

How many brilliant tech concepts have been honed over the rich Morning Sky blend at Hubbard & Cravens, or an El Eden roast at Quills?