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Phil Gulley: Road To Ruin

Slashing taxes sounds like a great idea. Until it isn’t.

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Phil Gulley: The Downside Of Technology

“I’m not sure when bungee cords were invented, but they weren’t around when I was a kid, and I think my life would be pretty meaningless without them.”

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Indy Can Become A Tech Hub Without The New Amazon Headquarters

But there are a few bugs in the program that gets the city there.

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February Style File: Tech Accessories, Fira Boutique, MudLOVE, and more

Who doesn’t want a pair of cat-ear headphones?

House of Z stocks red, blue, black, silver, and gold hoverboards.
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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Hoverboard

This year’s hottest toy is worth every penny purely for some comic relief at your family gift exchange.

Robot Medical technology
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Hi, Tech!

Breakthrough technology in local Indy hospitals.

TedX 2014
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Talks of the Town: CreativeMornings and TEDx Indianapolis

Local experimental-art collective Know No Stranger lampooned Silicon Valley product launches. The pitch: a robot, Ascme, that only responded to “the crispy rhythm of monosyllabic speech.”

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First Friday Newcomer: A Programmer Combines Code and Poetry

Joel Dart has worked with computer language since middle school, but in 2010, he decided to use it in a completely new way.

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Peek Inside the Home of the Future

Want to climb the wall in Game of Thrones? Facebook’s virtual-reality technology will give gamers a taste of frightening cognitive dissonance.

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Phil Gulley Ponders Life Before Cell Phones

“You watch,” I told my wife back then. “The day will come when we’ll curse the person who invented cell phones.” That day is here.

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How a Local Website Is Changing the Beauty Industry

“Our solution was a way to offer [these products] legitimately,” says Loxa Beauty co-founder Janell Shaffer.

Scott Jones in his office at home—yes, the one with the indoor spiral slide.
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Ask Me Anything: Scott Jones

The entrepreneur discusses the next hot thing in social media, how his marriage survived last summer’s Twitter scandal (when his wife accused him of cheating), and relationship advice.

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Going Public: Indy's Vibrant Startup Culture

The sale of ExactTarget to the San Francisco software firm created more than a dozen new millionaires here—executives who are already pouring that money into local tech businesses.

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10 Vicious Hits: Why New Football-Helmet Technology Matters

Accompanied by video clips, this list of hits highlights not only the super-human forces involved in football, but also the importance of the research that Purdue University scientists are now conducting.

Riddell plastic helmet
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Protected Development: A Century of Football-Helmet Innovation

After a doctor says he risks “instant insanity” if he takes another kick to the head, Navy player Joseph “Bull” Reeves dons a leather cap (crafted by a cobbler) that is believed to be football’s first headgear.