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The Five Stages of Parks and Recreation Grief

After seven seasons, a slew of time-slot shuffles, and 123 episodes, it has come down to this.

Chairs on the floor in Assembly Hall are, needless to say, not going anywhere now.
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Flashback: Knight Explains Chair Toss (Twice) to Letterman

”Do you have any furniture at all left in your house?” the Indy-born TV host asked The General.

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Parks and Recreation Recap: Everybody’s Changing

Relocations, expirations, and one spectacular celebrity cameo

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Peyton Manning & More Crash Steve Martin’s SNL 40 Monologue

Surrounded by stars, he took a shot at how many times he’s taken a hit on the football field.

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Parks and Recreation Recap: Ben Wins Indiana Woman of the Year

This week’s episodes truly feel like the beginning of the end for the show.

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Tweets of the Week: Obama Does Indy Edition

Via @GoIndyGo: “You know Indy is a world class city when we can handle the President of the United States and @DaveCoulier on the same day.”

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The Replay: Larry Bird, Nick Kroll, and Purdue Basketball

“Larry Bird” makes a return appearance on Comedy Central’s The Kroll Show.

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Parks and Recreation Recap: Quest for Love

It’s a relationship-heavy episode. A relationshep? Relationschlepping?

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Culture Q&A: Jim Belushi

“What we do is similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway?—we make it up on the spot. We ask the audience for scenes, and then we go from there.”

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Parks and Recreation Recap: Treat Yo Self to Some Data Mining

Leslie: “I think this town is losing its charm, and [it] has too much kale now. One place asked me if I wanted kale in my milkshake. My milkshake, you guys.”

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New on CNBC’s American Greed: Tim Durham

“‘The Playboy of Indiana,’ Tim Durham dates exotic models, owns 80 sports cars, all bankrolled by a $200 million fraud.”
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Parks and Rec Recap: Leslie vs. Ron

Team Knope is foiled again by Team Swanson, and then Leslie and Ron are forced to at least feign reconciliation. Yep, it’s another ep of Parks and Rec.

Photo courtesy Grouseland
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Exclusive: About That Giant Ball On Parks and Rec Last Night

A prop from a new episode could revive interest in a long-lost bit of Indiana history.

Cast photo courtesy NBC
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12 Notable Nods to Indiana on Parks and Rec

Keen watchers here might have noticed some subtle Hoosier winks among the blatant ones.

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Parks and Recreation Recap: Holy 2017! Unholy Tammy!

Back to the future! As foreshadowed at the tail end of Season 6, the show has sped ahead to 2017. (Because, you know, Amy Poehler would rather not work with babies.)