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Swoon List: The Mug, Maialina, And More

Five things we’re craving right now.

Pennsy Trail
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Hot On The Trails: Pennsy Trail

“Once the connection is made to the east, bike commuting to downtown Indianapolis from Greenfield and Cumberland will increase,” says Scott Irons, owner of Indy Cycle Specialist. “It’ll also be a boon to Irvington, as riders explore our shops, restaurants, breweries, and the beautiful neighborhood.”

Breaded tenderloin from The Mug
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Swoon: Loin King

There’s nothing delicate about eating The Mug’s breaded tenderloin, a sandwich so proportionately out of whack that it makes no sense as a hand-held meal.

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She Rules: Judge Sarah Evans Barker on Indiana Culture

“We’re that hard on all of our IU basketball coaches. That’s what Indiana is.”

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Swoon List 2.24.15

Including Cerulean’s chocolate mousse bombe filled with java-laced custard.

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Swoon List 2.17.15

Including the pork tenderloin with chipotle aioli from Spoke & Steele.

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The Local Eatery & Pub

On any weeknight, you might see a family huddling over plates of braised beef cheeks, a mom feeding hummus to her toddler, or a child munching happily on the remnants of her father’s duck wings.

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Take Comfort: Local Food-Lovers Play the Either/Or Game

Scott Wise, Lindy Brown, Valerie Vanderpool, Carrie Abbott, and more weigh in on their preferences and favorites.

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50 Things Every Hoosier Must Do!

What makes this Columbus institution really sweet is the counter-side charm of Wilma Hare and her fellow soda jerks, who will pull you an ice cream soda the way it was in 1900 and serve it with a side of sass: “When that ice cream hits the carbonation, it will explode like a volcano. And I will laugh at the look of panic on your face.”

The Friendly Tavern, August 2010, Indianapolis Monthly
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No. 50: Pick a Favorite Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

There is a lot of nowhere in indiana. I know this. I’ve seen it, grown up in it, lived in it. And right now my wife Michelle and I are poised at its edge, in search of the best breaded pork tenderloin sandwich in the state of Indiana.