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The Hoosierist

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The Hoosierist: Pronounced Flaw

During his Southern Indiana childhood, The Hoosierist freely used this pseudo-word.

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Dewey Decibels: The Hoosierist Takes on Loud Libraries

Add in the din of people clacking away on computer keyboards and chatting on their cell phones, and one starts to see why libraries are as noisy as a 5-year-old’s birthday party.

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The Hoosierist: How Santa Claus, Indiana, Got Its Name

Eventually, The Nameless Town-ians met at a log church on Christmas Eve of 1852 to pick a moniker.

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The Hoosierist: No Reason To Cheer

Question: How much do Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders get paid?

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The Hoosierist: Foraging and Beer-Drinking on Indiana Trails

Booze-related injuries are comparatively rare on Indiana trails. Of greater concern is the threat of dehydration, which can happen when you try to replenish your sweaty, overheated body with booze instead of H2O.

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The Hoosierist: Ripe For Confusion

“I have a tree that drops what a friend says are persimmons, but the fruit doesn’t look like the grocery-store variety. What gives?”

Hoosierist - HoosierStat, September 2014
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The Hoosierist Answers a Burning Question

The St. Elmo shrimp cocktail sauce is always hot, but I swear that some days it’s hotter than others. Is that possible?

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Big Ideas for Indy: The Hoosierist Plays Skeptic

While we were busy dreaming up big ideas to improve the city for the August cover package, our columnist had to rain on our parade.

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Dear Readers: Check Out Our New Website

We’ve enhanced our look online for tablet, smartphone, and desktop. You’ll find a site that’s easier to navigate and read, with more rich content and offerings. Plus, it’s just plain handsome.

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The Hoosierist Goes To Gen Con

There are plenty of games at Gen Con, and plenty of gamers to play them—49,000 last year and probably more for this edition, which runs through Sunday at the Indiana Convention Center. As The Hoosierist is pathologically afraid of dice (especially the ones with lots of extra sides), however, he spent his Gen Con session […]

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The Hoosierist on a Terrifyingly Real 'Game of Thrones' Creature

Casual Game of Thrones fans might think dire wolves, the four-legged stars of the hit HBO series, are fantasy beasts like unicorns. But they are (or rather, were) quite real. And the original specimen was discovered right here in Indiana, 160 years ago this month. In the summer of 1854, scientist Francis A. Link found […]

Illustration by Shane Harrison
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The Hoosierist: Green With Envy

Do barbecue joints need board of health clearance to set up grills in their parking lots (where the flies, stray dogs, and hobos live)?

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Time-Lapse Video: Fourth of July Fireworks Downtown

See the 25-minute firework display condensed a bit more than a minute.

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The Hoosierist Offers A Few Tips On Buying Fireworks

The Hoosierist has purchased and used nearly every form of firework known to man, from the tiniest firecracker to devices only slightly less powerful than the ones carried under the wings of Air Force drones. And he still has all his fingers.

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The Hoosierist Talks Gambling, TV News Subtitles & More

Back in the ’80s, you couldn’t shuffle a deck of cards in the Hoosier State without someone looking at you sideways. But today, the only things beyond the pale are dog racing, cockfighting, sports betting, and anything Internet-based.