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The Maker

A woman sits with her feet up at a sewing machine desk while stitching together a doll.
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The Maker: Seamstress Anne Dougans

Sew you.

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The Maker: Yard Games

Pretty sneaky.

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For Those About To Rock

“What we do is more like Ferrari or Rolls-Royce—really small-batch stuff, but really good.”

A woman stands at a work table with materials used in stained-glass making.
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The Maker: Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio

“It always resembles a storm or a sunset or a sunrise. I look for something that evokes a feeling in me.”

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The Maker: Constance Collins

Constance Collins’s high-end textiles.

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The Maker: Smith & Co Creations

“I haven’t seen anyone making letters the way we do,” Erin says.

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The Maker: Sand Creek Wood Shop

“I don’t just pick a bunch of boards, slap them together, and call it a cutting board. I want each one to be uniquely beautiful.”

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The Maker: Joe Krutulis

“It’s a continuously changing design. I look at it like four-dimensional art. You have the three-dimensional space, and it changes with time.”

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The Maker: Crafted Ink Pens

Great on paper.

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The Maker: Statement Pieces

Find the missing piece to your growing Indiana pride collection.

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The Maker: Michelle Facos of MooseBooties

The Bloomington professor uses Scandinavian moose leather to make unique baby booties worn by Saint West and Sweden’s Prince Oscar.

The Design Bank
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The Maker: The Design Bank

“Some kids don’t thrive in traditional classrooms, but in this environment, where they can be creative and interactive, they realize skills they didn’t know they had, like designing products and ideas.”

Rowland and Chinami Ricketts
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Maker: Dyed and True

Rowland, an artist, and Chinami, a weaver of yardage for kimonos and Japanese sashes called obi, color their cloth with indigo they grow on their Bloomington farm. Their vibrant works earned them a Martha Stewart American Made award in 2014.

Yonder Bound
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Local Makers: Yonder Bound

“There’s just something about the act of recording. You hold it, and it’s your handwriting. It’s more personal. It’s interactive. And it becomes something you want to keep.”