The New Downtown

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What’s Next for the Canal

Daydreams about the waterway’s potential might not be so wild and crazy after all.

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The New Downtown: The Canal

The urban playground may appeal to tourists with its gondolas and Segways, but there’s no better place for residents to take a jog or a pre-concert stroll.

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The New Downtown: College Avenue

Lately, buzzworthy restaurants and bars keep luring us away from Mass Ave’s eaten path.

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The New Downtown Indy Wish List

“I see a lot of potential for White River as an active recreation space for hiking and water sports, such as paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, and tubing.”

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Polina Osherov On The Problem­ —And Promise— Of Downtown Shopping

For every person who is excited about “made in Indiana,” 50 end up shopping at their local Target. What’s ironic is that these same people don’t mind driving downtown to drop $100 on dinner.

RCA Dome fabric lanterns
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Downtown Indy Design Safari

Downtown Indianapolis finally boasts drool-worthy design elements. Lauded local interior designer Nikki Sutton plays tour guide for her favorite pieces.

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Big City Problems: The Super Bowl Hangover

Former Mayor Bill Hudnut was in Indy a few months back. He drew close, grasped my shoulder, and pointedly asked me, “What’s next for Indy? What are you excited about?”

And I finally had an answer.

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Big City Problems: Traffic and Parking

You wouldn’t believe how many 5Ks and other runs take place in the city center. Monitor street closings on Downtown Indy’s blog.

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Big City Problems: Sharing the Road

Meanwhile, tensions between drivers and cyclists seem more heated than ever. From my viewpoint—while some rogue cyclists flout the road rules—a collision between a 15-pound bike and a half-ton car typically ends with only one loser.

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BlueIndy: We Answer the Questions the Owner’s Manual Doesn’t

Laying down on the gas feels a little bit like a go-cart, but no one designed an urban road for V-8 engines in the first place, no matter what car commercials show you.

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The New Downtown: Fletcher Place

Those who deride the Cultural Trail as a glorified sidewalk should stroll through Fletcher Place. A mere sidewalk does not attract three sleek apartment buildings, 10 independent eateries and bars, and enough house-hunters to quadruple home values.

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Big City Problems: Danger Zone?

“Property crimes are the most common type,” says district commander Karen Arnett, “specifically thefts from vehicles.” Not surprising, given the 90,000-plus parking spaces downtown.

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Big City Problems: Panhandling

“I get it. Indy’s brand is friendliness, cleanliness, and safety. But we’re also a caring community.”

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The New Downtown: Get to Know Downtown Indy Apartments

Get to know downtown Indy apartments not by features or floor plans but by these fun nicknames.

Sky Bar at Axis
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High & Mighty: Five of Indy’s Best Rooftop Views

Downtown’s new playspace? Rooftops. Here’s where to take your leisure time to another level.