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Tom Crean

Victor Oladipo dribbling a basketball
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Victor Oladipo’s Drive

“If y’all don’t respect the Indiana Pacers now, I have no respect for you.”

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Archie Miller’s Greatest Challenge

“Whether you do or do not talk to New Albany coach Jim Shannon, that’s not changing your chances of getting Romeo Langford,” one recruiting analyst says.

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Fan Friction: Indiana’s Epic Rivalry

Indiana basketball’s defining rivalry rekindles twice in February with two new episodes of a series Purdue currently leads by a reasonably commanding 115–89. Here’s what got (and kept) the ball rolling:

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IU’s Big Ten Title Breaks Tom Crean’s Buyout Clock

Is it time to love Tom Crean again? After a Big Ten title, the folks at apparently think so.

Mike Botkin, a.k.a. The Naysayer
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Naysayer says the Big Ten Coach of the Year is …

If you want the best coach in the Big Ten, look to Iowa.

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The Naysayer says: Don’t Fire Tom Crean!

I am very satisfied with Tom Crean as Indiana’s head coach and don’t wish him to be fired. As a Boilermaker, I think he’s the perfect coach for the Hoosiers.

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The Replay: Dick Vitale, IU, and Paul George

Dick Vitale turns on the disappointed-dad voice in critique of IU basketball.

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The Replay: Tom Crean, Wabash College, and Notre Dame

DePauw wanted to end Wabash’s six-game Monon Bell win streak. It didn’t go so well.

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Ask Me Anything: Jon Wertheim

“I’m a restless IU fan. To be fair, I think people forget where the program was when Crean got there. But if Brad Stevens availed himself, if he was more forthcoming about expressing an interest in the job, that would make me very happy.”

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The Replay: Reggie Wayne, Pacers, and Justin Wilson

Reggie Wayne joins the Patriots. People lose their minds.

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The Replay: Tom Brady, George Hill, and Caleb Swanigan

Uggs—Deflategate just won’t go away.

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She Rules: Judge Sarah Evans Barker on Indiana Culture

“We’re that hard on all of our IU basketball coaches. That’s what Indiana is.”

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The Replay: Butler Blue III, Pacers, and #BrackeTALLogy

Butler’s sickening Big East tourney loss.

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Fred Glass: ‘No Truth’ to Rumors IU Might Replace Tom Crean

“I can say without equivocation that there is no truth to any of that stuff,” says Glass.

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The Replay: Reggie Wayne, Pat McAfee, and Andrew Luck

The Colts part ways with a franchise great.