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Top Docs

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Top Doctors 2018

Indianapolis Monthly’s annual Top Doctors guide takes months to produce, but in the end, it makes finding a great specialist easy. The whole thing starts with a question that’s about as reliable a measure of quality as it gets: Which doctors do physicians turn to for their own care?

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Our November Editor’s Note

Paging Dr. Salb.

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Top Doctors Q&A: Michelle Fenoughty

“I deal with moms who focus a lot on keeping themselves healthy, because they have to keep their families healthy, too.”

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Top Doctors Q&A: Malaz A. Boustani

“Personally, I don’t take any of these medications or recommend them to my family members.”

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Top Doctors Q&A: Steven Norris

“With global warming, we’re seeing things in the United States that we never used to have.”

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Top Doctors Q&A: Tod Huntley

If your snoring keeps the house awake, talk to Dr. Tod Huntley.

Robot Medical technology
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Hi, Tech!

Breakthrough technology in local Indy hospitals.

Castle Connolly Logo
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Top Doctors Methodology

Indianapolis Monthly’s annual Top Doctors list answers the burning question, Which specialists do doctors turn to for their medical treatment?

C. Diff
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The Poop Scoop

“No one looks forward to a colonoscopy, but it’s easier on the body than surgery.”

Chris Leeuw NeuroHope
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Taking a Stand

Former quadriplegic Chris Leeuw brings his story and his passion to NeuroHope, a one-of-a-kind clinic for spinal injury recovery in Fountain Square.