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Troy Riggs

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RecycleForce Can’t Lose*

It puts ex-cons in jobs and off the street, but the nonprofit has funding issues that might undermine its mission.

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Tweets of the Week: Bandwagons, Farmers Markets & Potholes

Via @colefarrell: “Walking downtown, I heard an older man refer to the farmers market as ‘that weekly veggie festival.’ I’m into it.”

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Rev. Charles Harrison's Crime-Fighting Coalition Is in the Line of Fire

“I feel like we are doing this by ourselves and fighting a losing battle,” says Rev. Charles Harrison.

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Hot-Button Issues: Cop Out

Councillor John Barth proposed a bipartisan study to help determine how many officers Indy really requires, so the Council can work on a long-term plan. “We need to take politics out of policing,” he says.

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Indianapolis: Crime in 2013

Numbers don’t tell the whole story. Facts on the ground make us fear that crime is simply running amok, particularly in some of the city’s destination neighborhoods and at showcase attractions.

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In For Questioning: Q&A with Troy Riggs

“At the end of the day, I have to make some very tough decisions that will not sit well with people. But they’ll understand why I made the decision and what my thinking was.”

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LISTEN: Indy Monthly Crime Issue on WIBC Radio

Earlier this month, Ray Steele of WIBC 93.1 FM invited executive editor Evan West into the studio to discuss IM’s March Crime Issue (cover story: “How Safe Are You?”).