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Introducing 1205 Distillery North

The new Westfield spot is roomier than the Fletcher Place original.

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Field Report: Introducing Westfield’s New Foodie-Friendly Brewery

First impressions from the field.

Monon Trail
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Hot On The Trails: The Monon, Updated

How popular is the Monon Greenway in Hamilton County (and Carmel in particular)? Some 450,000 people biked or walked it last year, so it’s no surprise that about $500 million in new development projects have broken ground—or will shortly—adjacent to the trail.

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Field of Dreams

Taxpayers weren’t anticipating having to finance the park, but as hotels, restaurants, and shops that would have paid for it have been slow to move to Westfield, that’s looking more and more likely.

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Raising the Barn: A Review of Rail Epicurean Market

Rail Epicurean Market has the kind of hidden-gem quality that tempts people to keep it all to themselves.

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Eat Sheet: Rockstone Pizzeria, Smashburger, and More

Ed Sahm opens a downtown location of his suburban pizzeria, and a Denver-based burger joint is coming to Westfield.

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Four Indy Neighborhoods on the Verge

As Hamilton County development spreads north from Carmel, one historic burg stands a good chance of being next in line.

Big Hoffa
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Street Savvy: Downtown Westfield

“Westfield is still pretty homey and keeps its heritage. In the summer, we perform vignettes in the cemeteries about prominent figures interred there.”

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Brave New Burbs: Indy's Outlying Areas Are Booming

Millennials are the largest generation in U.S. history—and Indy’s suburbs realize they have to attract them to thrive.