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Eight Surprising Species Found In Or Along The White River

Fun fact: Any eel you come across in Indiana is female.

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Day Trip: Goose Pond Fish And Wildlife Area

You can see thousands of the water-loving sandhill cranes from a new state-of-the-art visitor’s center, which overlooks the state’s largest wetlands preserve.

Battle Ground Map
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Indiana Backroads: Pack Mentality at Wolf Park

Explore Wolf Park in Battle Ground for a truly wild (or surprisingly domestic) experience.

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Deborah Paul’s Animal Attraction

This past winter, our attic became a haven for flying squirrels. These small tree-dwellers, a protected species in Indiana, banged around over our heads for nearly a week before we gave up and called a wildlife-management organization.

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The Hoosierist: No Reason To Cheer

Question: How much do Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders get paid?

A cleared and stained Hoosier Cavefish specimen showing the skeleton (stained red). Credit: Matthew Niemiller
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Indiana's New Resident: The Hoosier Cavefish

“There are actually a lot of fish that have this condition, but I thought it was pretty damn hilarious,” says Matthew Niemiller.

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Photo: Happy Hump Day from These Mating Turtles

The Indiana DNR has it that “Eastern box turtles are typically active from April to October.”

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Downtown Is Even More Dangerous for Birds

The dangers of visiting downtown Indianapolis have caused a lot of public hand-wringing lately. Turns out the perils are even greater for birds than they are for people.   According to the Amos W. Butler Audubon Soci