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The Hoosierist: Lucas Oil Stadium’s Dirty Secret

“It seems like the last thing you should do to an expensive indoor stadium is fill it with dirt.”

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Speed Read: The Carmel Christkindlmarkt

First step: Nail the name. All together: Krist-kindle-markt.

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Unspoken Rules: Winterlights

Buy a toasty drink inside. The lines are longer outdoors.

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The Hoosierist: Winter Barbecuing

“Though firing up an outdoor grill is the signature move of barbecue establishments, any type of restaurant is free to break out the Weber.”

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This Locally Made Lotion Is Getting Us Through The Unholy Winter

We say “secret” because this salve isn’t sold in stores or online—you have to know where to ask for it.

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Wild Rabbit Ragout

Chef’s Recipe INGREDIENTS 2 whole wild rabbits*, skinned and gutted 1/2 cup sea salt 2 quarts buttermilk 2 cups all-purpose flour 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 bottle dry white wine 1/2 gallon chicken stock 3 ounces butter 1 tablespoon chopped garlic 1 cup diced carrots 1 cup diced celery 1 cup diced onion 1 cup […]

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How To: Tame The Flavor Of Wild Rabbit

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Call Of The Wild

Long before the trend hit, wild game was a delicious source of local, environmentally sustainable food. But times have changed. Old-school carnivores accustomed to capturing their own food can get some assistance from butcher shops like the four Indy-area locations of Moody Meats which has techniques for enhancing the meat that hunters bring in. “We […]

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How To Start A Food Swap

Think of it as a holiday cookie exchange, but do it year-round with unicorn macarons and pimento cheese made from scratch in a home cook’s kitchen. Add plenty of garlic-dill pickles and citrus curd. then dig in—Your food swap is served.  Toni Snearly Northwest Indiana Food TIP: “A lot of people ask if it’s […]

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The Hoosier Kitchen

Any time you want a strawberry, there are strawberries to be had. The same goes for peaches, apples, Brussels sprouts—all of those so-called fresh foods waiting for you just a shopping trip away. The problem with that kind of convenience is that it cheats us out of enjoying fruits and vegetables when their flavors are […]

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Indy in Snow: @IgersIndy

The @IgersIndy crew is planning their next meet-up (#circlecitysesh33) at Fort Harrison State Park this Saturday starting at 10 a.m. With a fresh coat of snow this week, the Instagram forecast calls for a blizzard of brilliant photos from the crew this weekend.

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Living Lodge Style

Trending Now: The living lodge style. 7 cool local buys to see the winter through in style.

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Sweater Weather: Six Great Winter Pieces

Haus Love, 8Fifteen, Free People, and more have what you need.

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Tweets of the Week: Jim Irsay, Hoosier Hoops & Comic Con

From @meggiehd: “OMG! I just saw Arya from Game of Thrones at circle centre!!! We made eye contact. We are obviously besties”

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Tweets of the Week: Olympics & Goodbyes

Asks @adam_weber, “What is more badass than having a local brewery that has 2 owners with PhDs in Chemistry? @wabashbrewing”