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Indiana Politics, September 2018

A record number of Hoosier women are their party’s nominee this year.

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All-Female Exhibit Challenges Male-Dominated Art World

“An art show with men in it is just an art show.”

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What's The Password?

“About 18 percent of venture-backed tech companies in the U.S. have at least one female founder on the team. Here, that number is only 8 percent.”

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Five Ways To Celebrate Wonder Woman Day In Indianapolis

5 Ways to Celebrate Wonder Woman Day in Indy The new live action film Wonder Woman soars into theaters today, and DC Entertainment has declared June 3 Wonder Woman Day in honor of the Amazon princess. More than 2,000 comic shops, libraries, and bookstores across the globe will celebrate the DC heroine’s first solo movie […]

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Read Rabbi Sandy Sasso's "We Are Not Going Back" Speech From the Indianapolis Women's Rally

“In 1960, a woman could not get a credit card, a bank loan, or own property in her name. We are not going back.”

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Top Doctors Q&A: Michelle Fenoughty

“I deal with moms who focus a lot on keeping themselves healthy, because they have to keep their families healthy, too.”

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Meet the Indianapolis 500’s Top Female Mechanic

“One guy said something like, ‘Why don’t you let a man do that?’ It wasn’t that long ago.”