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World War II

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Backtrack: News Splash

“It’s over!” Radio reporters blared the news around 3 a.m. Indiana time on August 14, 1945: Japan had surrendered, at last drawing World War II to an end. People across the nation burst onto the streets in joy, and Indianapolis was no exception. The tragedy, rationing, and worry that had plagued the country for nearly […]

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Carole Lombard's Swan Song

Indiana has a lengthy history of patriotism. We’re headquarters to the American Legion; second only to Washington, D.C., in the number of war memorials; and at the heart of our city, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument stretches into the sky. One month to the day after the United States declared war on Japan, an Indianapolis […]

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“She Was Stark … Nekkid”: WWII Vet Recalls VE Day Celebration in WIBC Interview

As WIBC’s Ray Steele learned when he interviewed the 92-year-old Broad Ripple resident, one of McDowell’s recollections is particularly vivid.

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War Torn: On Owning Nazi Loot

Dusty knickknacks were removed from glass-fronted cabinets and plopped down on the living-room floor to await future placement. I took the opportunity to clean and discard. That’s when, after 22 years, I came upon relics stolen by Nazis in World War II.

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Phil Gulley Takes on People Magazine

I was at a doctor’s office recently, and as I sat in the waiting room, I read People, easily the worst magazine in the universe.