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Where To Dine During Exhibit Columbus

Exhibit Columbus opens to the public August 26, providing ample eye candy for self-guided walking tours of 18 new site-specific public art installations designed with the city’s notable architectural heritage in mind. Heading to check out the opening weekend? You’re bound to work up an appetite appreciating all that art and architecture. These are a […]

The Chocolate Moose in Bloomington
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Top 5 Quintessential Indiana Ice Cream Shops

Whether it’s a simple vanilla shake at Ivanhoe’s or a Moose Horn from The Chocolate Moose, these treasured ice-cream haunts stand the test of time.

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Hometown Heroes: Indiana's Top Ice-Cream Spots

Whether nestled within a quaint town square or bordering a bustling highway, these treasured ice-cream haunts stand the test of time.

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Swoon List 9.24.13

Including a trio of oversized scallops, gently seared, wrapped in bacon, and resting in a puddle of leek cream sauce—an appetizer at Taverna.

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50 Things Every Hoosier Must Do!

What makes this Columbus institution really sweet is the counter-side charm of Wilma Hare and her fellow soda jerks, who will pull you an ice cream soda the way it was in 1900 and serve it with a side of sass: “When that ice cream hits the carbonation, it will explode like a volcano. And I will laugh at the look of panic on your face.”