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Realty Check: Downtown Zionsville

Village People

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Realty Check: Get Tudored

Castle-style details are carried off tastefully in a Zionsville mansion.

A breakfast setting of eggs, smoked salmon, and roasted vegetables.
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Review: Caffè Buondì

But first, coffee.

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Street Savvy: Zionsville

South Village, a former retail dead zone, is now a thriving pocket of indulgences. Zionsville’s latest lures.

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January Foodie: Laney Glick

“Tell me you’re from Indiana and you don’t love chicken salad. It’s like saying you don’t love corn or ranch dressing.”

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Home Of The Month: The Good Host

That’s the thing about the Dicks—they go out of their way to make others feel welcome.

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Home Of The Month: Once Upon A Time

“Everywhere you turn, I tried to make something fun and unexpected, a little bit different.”

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Swoon List: Rosie’s Place, Love Handle, And More

Breakfast foods, Bakersfield, and burgers. Oh boy!

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Swoon List: Public Greens, Festiva, And More

A to-go box of biggie-size doughnuts from A Taste of Amish (62 N. 1st St., Zionsville, 317-800-2500), including toffee-topped crunch, berry-filled, peanut butter-filled, and cinnamon-caramel doughnuts.  Public Greens (900 E 64th St., 317-964-0865), with an ever-changing preparation to top toast: spinach-ramp pesto, runny egg, and togarashi, which pairs well with the spring-bean-and-vegetable soup.   A […]

Big-4 Rail Trail
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Hot On The Trails: Zionsville’s Big-4 Rail Trail

Formerly known as the Zionsville Rail Trail, the Big-4 Rail Trail, a greenway through the heart of the northwestern suburb, is a favorite of children and parents, at the center of a sprawling system that spans Boone County.

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Rare Dali Collection Coming to Zionsville (For Free!)

Christine Argillet, daughter of Salvador Dali’s publicist and confidant, is bringing her family’s exhibit to CV Art Gallery. Argillet spoke with IM about the surrealist artist’s work, the split between his public and private personas, and that ashtray attached to his pet turtle’s back.

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Shoptalk: Blooms And Linen

It’s fitting that when the owners of online shop Blooms & Linen searched for a brick-and-mortar spot, they would find a home just off of Main Street in Zionsville. Fitting, because the inventory is the sartorial equivalent of a modern farmhouse, stocked with utilitarian basics adorned with delightful details, such as military vests with faux-fur collars […]

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Sold: Zionsville’s Idyllic Farmhouse

The mix of pastoral charm and sophisticated urban style is a definite reflection of the times. Even the most rustic elements have polish.

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Zionsville’s New Taproom

On the brick-lined streets of sleepy suburbia, news of Noble Order Brewing Company pouring its medieval-themed brews in Zionsville issued a clarion call to the town: Bring out yer dead.

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Pocket Neighborhoods Start To Fill Up In Indy

Colorful dollhouse cottages cozy together along communal greens, sidewalks lead to front stoops, and built-in flower boxes overflow on tidy porches, resembling the Florida Panhandle villages Hoosiers frequent on family vacations.