25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Carry On Cocktail Kit

Day 12: That flight home can be a long one…

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(Photo Courtesy of James Dant)
(Photo Courtesy of James Dant)

Everything you need to whip up two cocktails mid-flight. Except the alcohol, of course. James Dant boutique offers five different sets of cocktail kits, most of which include bitters, syrup, jigger, a spoon, and a coaster. Choose from a Gin & Tonic, a Bloody Mary, or maybe a Moscow Mule. Owner Tommy Dant’s favorite is The Old Fashioned, which keeps things simple with aromatic bitters and cane sugar. And if you still want something extra for that cocktail lover, Dant’s store also carries flasks, flavored syrups, and tumblers. So on their flight home, let them be reminded of much much they enjoyed (or maybe didn’t enjoy) your company. Bottoms up. $26, James Dant, 5624 E Washington St., (317) 974-9715 

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