Best Indy Spas: Pure Polish

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0215-ExfoliationFacialDual Exfoliation Facial, $105*, at Hillside Avenue Spa & Salon

The Premise: Scarf, coat, boots, gloves—you can protect most of your body from winter’s brunt. But just a few weeks into windy, subfreezing temps, my face felt chafed. At this Aveda spa and salon near Glendale, the signature dual exfoliation treatment skips the chemicals and painful extractions of a typical medspa facial and instead relies on the holistic company’s earthy products to buff your kisser smooth.

The Process: Lying under a warm blanket, my bare shoulders exposed, I received a hand massage from co-director and 18-year spa vet Adrienne Boyd, who then applied a series of superfine scrubs—natural alternatives to microdermabrasion—masques, lotions, and sprays, including a Perfecting Plant Peel thermal masque that gently smoldered while it exfoliated. Boyd periodically tapped her fingertips like pattering raindrops across my face—a delightfully soothing sensation.

The Vibe: There are more-posh Aveda destinations, but I doubt you’ll find a friendlier one. Boyd’s motherly ministrations and the cozy environs of the little green house extend to the treatment rooms, where recessed lights and a classic bamboo-flute score lulled me into a meditative state.

The Result: My face looked tighter after the hour-long facial, and strangely enough, felt lighter, so much so that the 18-degree wind whipping outside merely registered as cool tingles against my silky-soft cheeks.

Before You Go: Skip the mascara, or risk raccoon eyes.

Wish We’d Known: Not to plan an outing afterward. The complimentary (blissful) scalp massage led to a Bride of Frankenstein moment.

Bonus Tip: Schedule a one-hour treatment during “flexible pricing” hours (open–2 p.m.) Monday through Thursday, and they’ll knock off $10.

Try This If: You have sensitive skin that might not withstand a glycolic peel.

* $95 if you’re an Aveda Pure Privileges member.

6150 Hillside Ave., 317-769-9000,


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