Holiday Gift Guide: Toys & Games for Grown-Ups

Nine things to play with under the tree

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Because you never outgrow the joy of unwrapping a toy at the holidays, here are nine objects of pure fun.


Retro tin Space Gun (it sparks inside, just like his first one did), $24 at Mass Ave Toys

Cards Against Humanity, $35 at Downtown Comics

Yves Saint Laurent coloring books, $14 (small) and $24 (large) at PrintText

Whoa-Bots stackable blocks, $25 at Homespun: Modern Handmade

Kikkerland’s modern yo-yo, $6.95 at Silver in the City

Corkers decorating kits, $5.99 per animal at The Container Store

Easily pliable Kinetic Sand, $14.99 at The Container Store

Name 5 trivia game, $24.95 at The Game Preserve

Toysmith’s pair of wind-up scooters, $12 at Mass Ave Toys


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