Style Spy: Joe Staysniak

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JoeStaysniakName: Joe Staysniak

Occupation: Co-host of The Grady and Big Joe Show on 1070 The Fan (owned by Emmis Communications, the parent company of Indianapolis Monthly); you might also recognize him as an Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman from 1992 to 1995

Spotted: Monument Circle

Wearing: Navy Izod shorts. “The Izod outlet [in Edinburgh] has a really good selection of bigger sizes.”

Also shops at: Target, L.L. Bean

All shorts, all the time: “I have a drawer full of shorts, about 20 pairs. Jeans are big and bulky and uncomfortable to me. I can fit about 20 pairs of shorts in a drawer versus four pairs of jeans.”

Cold doesn’t bother him: “I’m big and bulky and warm-blooded. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I’m in somewhere climate controlled. It’s about 50 degrees in my garage and then 27 degrees [in the parking garage] at work, so I’m not in the elements.”

Compared to fellow co-host, Michael Grady, known as a sharp dresser: “He’s constantly at odds with me. Since we’re on a sports show, a masculine-heavy environment, I never lose an argument when I’m talking with a guy who’s wearing scarves and Ugg boots. The listeners are on my side.”

Football fashion: “I wore nothing but spandex in Buffalo [where he played for the Bills]. After wearing tight football pants for three to four hours in the cold, it just doesn’t bother me. With my knee pain from football, shorts are more comfortable anyway.”


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