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August 2013

Vol. 36 // Issue 13

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Editor’s Note

Amanda Heckert introduces our August issue and talks scents of her life. 


COVER: Cheap Eats

Fast food? No way. Our guide to affordable dining takes you on a culinary tour of some of the city’s best restaurants—without blowing your budget.

» WHEEL OF DEALS: Specials for Every Day of the Week
» FORBIDDEN LOVE: Chefs Confess
» BUSINESS PERK: Best Happy Hours
» DOGGIE BAG RECIPES: 4 Great Reheat Options
» BOTTLE ROCKIN’: Wonderful Wine Deals
» GOOD AND PLENTY: 5 Great Buffets
» LUXE FOR LESS: Finer Meals for the Frugal

SCENT: Perfect Chemistry

America’s most addictive fragrances aren’t developed in a Paris perfumery or a New York lab, but in an Indianapolis basement.

EDUCATION: Schoolhouse Rocked

Indy charter schools are signing up students as fast as they can find them. Will reform spell the end of traditional public education?

CELEBRITY: Party of Five

A beloved set of local quints looks back on the three decades since they made history. Meet the Gaithers—again. 

Circle City

FRONT & CENTER: Taste Test

Can this month’s big food fests find common ground?

GET SMART: Mastering The FlowRider

If the lazy river at Carmel’s Monon Community Center feels a bit empty, it’s because everyone is inside at this surfing simulator.

WHAT I KNOW: Sophie Faught

The Indy native has racked up an impressive resume at a young age, playing with Slide Hampton, the Temptations, and the Four Tops.

CRIME: Trial and Errors, The David Camm Saga, Act 3

A sensational murder trial starting in Lebanon this month could end 13 years of scandals, surprises,and reversed convictions in the case of a former state trooper charged with killing his family.


This newly minted Indiana cultural district builds on its reputation for cool design.

AT HOME: Daniel Moyer’s Pool Cabana

A top name in jewelery dials back the bling in his favored hangout.

STYLE: Wanted

The handcrafted leather “Victoria” saddle bag purse from Brook England mimics the shape of a bicycle seat.

STYLE: Everywhere We Look—Men’s Brights

A cotton-silk V-neck, “Pragmatist” jeans, and wingtips.

SHOPTALK: Get Hippie

Free People signals a return to the flower-power era.

SHOPTALK: My Look—Indy T-shirt

Way before Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” hit the radio, DJ Slater Hogan was scouring for cool style at Salvation Army stores and Broad Ripple Vintage.

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CULTURE Q&A: Danny Huston

A lifelong Hoosier who is now the owner of North American Midway, he has been oprterating the state fair (Aug. 2-18) rides for more than 20 years. 

CULTURE: Spock ‘N’ Roll

A local band adapts Star Trek to music, episode by episode—and these guys are playing Gen Con on August 17.

Eat + Drink

REVIEW: Upland’s Carmel Tap House

Upland Brewing Company serves up its smart, scrappy charm to the thirsty masses at this new establishment.

SECOND COURSE: The Loft Restaurant

Trader’s Point Creamery finally gets a restaurant menu worthy of the view.

FOODIE: Michael Gray of Plat 99

A down-to-earth past grounds this trend-forward mixologist.


Jeff Yater, owner of Squealers Award Winning Barbeque, shares an addictive alternative to the ho-hum poppers—this version wrapped in Indiana bacon. 


Warm and bubbly freeform cobblers make the perfect rustic summer dessert. 

NEW IN TOWN: Wyliepalooza’s Ice Cream Emporium

With help from her mother, former Captain Java coffeehouse owner Patty Timmons, San Fran native Cassandra Salimeno brought a Filipino treat to Irvington.

TOP FIVE: Summer Cocktails

Try the John Daly at Bluebeard and four other highly-approved drinks of the season.

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BACK HOME AGAIN: Write at Home

A few words about the place they all come from: my office. 
by Philip Gulley


Freshwater jellyfish, food trucks, and minor-league money. 
by Sam Stall


Unloading my mother’s cherished possessions seemed to disrespect not just her wishes, but her.


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