June 2013

Vol. 36 // Issue 12

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Editor’s Note

Amanda Heckert introduces our June issue and waxes nostalgic over Indiana’s fast-disappearing drive-in movie theaters.


GUIDES: Mad About the Monon

Whether you’re a dog lover, a rookie, a fashionista, or a foodie, we’ll show you how to do the Monon Trail your way:

» ROOKIE’S GUIDE: 10 Dos and Don’ts
» EATER’S GUIDE: Best Food on the Path
» DOG-LOVERS’ GUIDE: Trailside Goodies for Canines
» DEAR MISS MONON: Trail & Error
» MONON TRAIL BLAZERS: 4 People Improving the Path
» IS THE MONON TRAIL SAFE? 4 Notes on Using the Path
» TRAIL MIX: Best and Worst
» IM’S ORIGINAL SURVEY: 100 Monon Trail Lovers Say
» PACK MENTALITY: 5 Great Monon Trail Groups
» MONON TRAIL HANDBOOK: Tips, Secrets & More
» FASHION HUB: Meet 7 Stylish Monon Trail Users


With 18 miles (and counting) to explore—plus a million users and a fair number of toned butts—we’re crazier than ever about the Monon Trail. Here’s how you can fall in love, too.

PROFILE: Leaps of Faith

How did one of the world’s first female rabbis end up in Indianapolis? A childhood calling—and a little chutzpah. By Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

FILM: Moving Pictures

A night out with the last of Indiana’s drive-ins.

CRIME: The Long Con

Scoundrels and Scandals: These are the shocking, headline-grabbing crimes from the 10 most notable killers, kidnappers, and thieves ever to prowl the underbelly of Indianapolis. – See more at: https://www.indianapolismonthly.com/features/story.aspx?ID=1901203#sthash.9fEl5Z5i.dpuf

Phil Ferguson pulled off one of the biggest frauds in Indiana history, duping clients out of millions. But when the day of reckoning came, it left one man dead and a mystery unsolved.

Circle City


Talbot Street Art Fair draws some cool competition.

CULTURE Q&A: Reverend Peyton

The frontman brought his Big Damn Band to an unusual venue on June 1: the Eiteljorg Museum. We curated a brief interview before the show.

WHAT I KNOW: Coby Palmer

Best known as one of Indy’s top florists, this Indy Pride pioneer helped bring the city’s LGBT festival out of the closet.

STREET SAVVY: Virginia Avenue

The Italian Festival returns to Fletcher Place where Bluebeard has made its mark. Plus, all of our Street Savvy stories to date—from Fishers to Fountain Square, Kokomo to SoBro. We’ve got the goods on what’s new and fun in the city’s ‘hoods, suburbs, and beyond.

AT HOME: Barbara Shoup’s Writing Room

Like one of her famed novels, the author’s office tells a great story.

SHOPTALK: Green Apple Active Lifestyle Boutique

A local alternative to athleta stretches your dollar.

SHOPTALK: My Look, Combat Boots

Unfailingly chic Realtor Deborah Dorman must be the hippest grandmother in town—and surely the only person brave enough to make the trek to Machu Picchu in bubblegum-hued boots.

Eat + Drink

REVIEW: Delicia

New Latin cuisine served in knockout style seduces at SoBro’s latest foodie darling.


Remaking a classic Broad Ripple cantina—and its crowd-pleasing patio.

FOODIE: Herald Times

Chef Tyler Herald has attracted a passionate fan base—and jams out with small-acre farmers.

RECIPE: Boozy Popsicles

Michael Gray of Plat 99 shares a simple idea for a frozen grown-up treat—made with Indiana bourbon.

FLAVOR OF THE MONTH: Edamame Dearest

The garden-variety soybean comes out of its shell in these three inventive dishes.

COMING SOON: The Owner’s Wife

Two of Indy’s titans of food and drink are pairing up to give suds-friendly cuisine its day.

TOP FIVE: Small-Town Ice-Cream Stands

Meet Mrs. Curl and four more sweet, summery spots.

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BACK HOME AGAIN: Wild at Heart

Call it a rescue animal if you must, but most dogs do just fine on their own.
by Philip Gulley

THE HOOSIERIST: Last of His Type

Historic hassles, interstate terror, and Long’s other doughnuts. – See more at: https://www.indianapolismonthly.com/hoosierist/story.aspx?ID=1900840#sthash.cYybSjT5.dpuf

Broken typewriters, a sea of soybeans, and expensive false alarms. Ask The Hoosierist.
by Sam Stall


An open letter to Gordon Ramsay: Hotel Hell focuses on East Coast hostelries, but it’s time the show visited my neck of the woods.


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