September 2013

Vol. 37 » Issue 1

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Editor’s Note

Amanda Heckert introduces our September issue and weighs in on survey-taking at the IMA


COVER: The New Hoosier Farmers
Indiana’s current agrarian class, shown here in six up-close profiles, is still independent, hardworking, resourceful, and, above all, bold.

» Intro: A new look for Indiana agriculture
» Kind of a Big Deal: Kip Tom & the business of farming
» City Girl: Amy Matthews & South Circle Farm
» Feeding You Better: Grean BEAN Delivery & Feel Good Farm
» Laboratory Corn: Jim Bing & Dow AgroSciences
» Needs A Lawyer: Monsanto v. Hugh Bowman
» Happy Animals: Chris Baggott, Mark Farrell & Tyner Pond Farm

CULTURE: Fall Arts Preview
Your front-row ticket to big names, great shows, and 75 must-see events!

» CLOWES ENCOUNTERS: 5 Backstage Celebrity Stories
» WICKED BIG: The Hit Musical Returns to the Murat in November
» TAKING THE SHOW ON THE ROAD: A Caravan of 4 Imagined Art Vehicles
» WE’RE SOLD! 5 Items That Excited Bidders at Going, Going, Gone


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Full Exposure

Composed as they look, these local artists admit to having pre-show nerves.

CONTROVERSY: Painting by Numbers

New IMA director Charles Venable isn’t making a lot of friends, but his strategy may solve an old problem. 

PROFILE: Teen. Model.

The hottest new face in high fashion hails from Zionsville. What does it mean to give up your childhood for a dream?

Circle City

FRONT & CENTER: Horse Power

After a profitable start, what’s next for #Chuckstrong?


The new reality-TV “hilljack” bares his soul (and chest) Tuesday nights on Discovery Channel.

FUN: A Good Paddling

How to win this month’s (rare) boat race on the canal.

SCENE: The Canal’s Troubled Waters

This month’s IUPUI Regatta proves the canal is a great place for festivals. So why aren’t there more of them?

LANDMARK: Book Smart

As Butler’s Irwin Library turns 50, what better time to study this unsung architectural gem?

STREET SAVVY: Main Street, Carmel

Have a bite, stroll through shops, and meet the statues.

AT HOME: Martha Hoover’s Private Barnyard

The restaurateur keeps the best-fed chickens in town—and goats named for rappers.

STYLE: Wanted

Take a seat in one of these salvaged Indy heirloom chairs.


A guide to the Fashion Mall’s sudden swarm of luxury labels.

TRAVELER: The Rail World

Nortwest Indiana’s train heritage sparks a whistle-stop weekend.

Eat + Drink

REVIEW: Rook in Fletcher Place

Could the banh mi become our new shrimp po’boy? Ed Rudisell carves out a little space for the Saigon sub.

FOODIE: Jennifer Wiese of BeeFree Bakery

Tweaked confections let special-dieters have their cake and eat it too.

RECIPE VIDEO: Watermelon Salad

A Couple Cooks takes the fruit in a whole new direction with this sweet-and-salty creation.

GOOD LIBATIONS: Cocktail Fruit

Indy bars are upping the cool quotient by marinating their own cherries, plums, and more.

TOP FIVE: Counter Seats

The vintage bar at Workingman’s Friend and other elbow-to-elbow place settings.

DISCOVERY: Vigilant Eats

A homegrown line of organic, gluten-free, vegan cereal.

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When it comes to supporting same-sex marriage, I do.
by Philip Gulley

THE HOOSIERIST: Smoking Section

Billowing smoke shops, park theft, and popular library books. Ask the Hoosierist.
by Sam Stall

DEBORAH PAUL: Pardon My Dust

Home makeovers provide a sense of hope and expectation—a fresh start.


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