The New Downtown: Get to Know Downtown Indy Apartments

Know your contemporary apartment buildings with this unique nickname cheat-sheet.

This article is part of Indianapolis Monthly’s The New Downtown package, which includes a guide to five hotspots, a few big city problems, and a look at what’s next for the city. For more content on navigating the new downtown, click here.

A nickname cheat-sheet—because “the place with open floor plans, rooftop access, and stainless-steel appliances” no longer narrows the field in downtown’s booming rental market.

The Demand Downtown rent is nearly double the city’s average, and occupancy is at 97 percent.

Monthly rent refers to the least expensive one-bedroom apartment.

1) The one where IUPUI students live 

9 on Canal
9th Street and Senate Avenue $1,321 (535 sq. ft.)

2) The one we confuse with the Stutz Building

800 Cap
St. Clair Street and Capitol Avenue $1,100 (675 sq. ft.)


3) The one that burned down during construction 

Cosmopolitan on the Canal
Michigan Street and Senate Avenue $1,265 (653 sq. ft.)


4) The one above the new Marsh

Michigan Street and Capitol Avenue $1,415 (741 sq. ft.)


5) The one by Andrew Luck’s place

333 Penn
Pennsylvania and Vermont streets $975 (958 sq. ft.)


6) The triangular one

Millikan on Mass
Mass Ave and Michigan Street $1,160 (690 sq. ft.)


7) The one that looks like an airport hotel

707 North
College Avenue and North Street $1,100 (706 sq. ft.)


8) The one with the makerspace room

College and Mass avenues $1,200 (612 sq. ft.)


9) The one new college grads can afford

Trail Side on Mass
East-end tip of Mass Ave $410 to $670, depending on income (600 sq. ft.)


10) The one we can’t pronounce

McOuat Place
Washington and Meridian streets $1,325 (770 sq. ft.)


11) The sprawling one behind the Market Square construction

Washington and East streets $1,080 (580 sq. ft.)


12) The one by the heliport

The Waverly
East and Pope streets $1,250 (695 sq. ft.)


13) The one by The Alexander

The Residences at CityWay
Delaware and South streets $1,151 (590 sq. ft.)


14) The one next to the lime-green one on Virginia

Virginia Avenue between East and Merrill streets $1,260 (596 sq. ft.)


15) The lime-green one on Virginia

Virginia Avenue and Merrill Street $1,155 (642 sq. ft.)


16) The one we thought was just a co-working space on Virginia 

The Hinge
Virginia Avenue and McCarty Street $1,450 (828 sq. ft.)