The Dish

Taste Test: Nog-Offs

Lick Ice Cream Lick does not skimp on ingredients, throwing cognac, rum, and fresh nutmeg into this noggy ice cream. “Before we added booze, it...

The Feed: Sidedoor Bagels, Runway 19, and More

BAGEL BOUNTY Sidedoor Bagel (1103 E. 10th St.) announced an expansion of its 10th Street location that will double its current space. The new...

Cheers: Another Round

SINCE 2010, Bier Brewery has been a quiet fixture off East 65th Street—a family- and dog-friendly taphouse serving award-winning brews and relaxed vibes. After...

Q&A With Oya Woodruff of Chef Oya’s The Trap

Accolades abound for Chef Oya Woodruff, owner of Chef Oya’s The Trap, an east side walk-up seafood joint that sprouted from her home—literally straight...

The Feed: Duke’s, Sun Bean Roastery, and More

 NEW BOOT GOOFIN’ Duke’s (2352 S. West St.) welcomes new owner/operator Patrick Kennedy. The southside honky tonk haven will close temporarily in January to...



Help Wanted

WHILE EVERYONE was quiet-quitting last year, I got old-fashioned fired. The blindsided kind of fired. “Letting you go,” my boss at the marketing company insisted on saying. I’d only had the job for nine months. I came to it after 25 years in magazine journalism, which had left me broke and burnt out. I’d needed a change. At the very least, I needed a reset at a job that checked the boxes on my...

Out of Darkness

One morning when she was around five years old, Suzanne Crouch woke up in a tiny panic.“Where’s mom?” she asked her dad.“She went to...

A Sense of Adventure

An active, fresh-air vacation isn’t just for the athletic among us. The right outdoorsy trips can thrill anyone.

Small-Town Getaways

Hit the highway and explore half a dozen Hoosier hamlets brimming with breathtaking scenery, historic character, quaint shops and restaurants, cozy inns, and endless excursions and activities—all within three hours of Indy.

Holiday Road

It’s our third consecutive ride on the Holiday World carousel.The third go-round with the same calliope version of “Over the Waves” (yes, that  song...

 Circle City

Out of Darkness

One morning when she was around five years old, Suzanne Crouch woke up in a tiny panic.“Where’s mom?” she asked her dad.“She went to...

Time Marches On

ON A DRIPPY October Saturday in 1973, I’m standing, cornet in hand, with 145 fellow members of the Franklin Community High School marching band,...

The Beat: Myth Busters

Conner Prairie is digging into a problematic past through its popular new podcast, which shines a light on the skewed understanding of history that too many of us hold.

Back Home Again: Trees of Life

Sleep, creep, and leap is my motto, but I still say plastic trees are the way of the future.

On the Rise: Comic Book Hero

Indy's Gavin Smith has landed in the graphic-arts big time, lending his talents to such household names as Star Trek and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

 The Ticket

Unspoken Rules: AES Indiana Yuletide Celebration

Doors open an hour before showtime, so get there early to see costumed characters, hear holiday tunes on the Wurlitzer organ, and grab treats...

Body + Soul: Bounce House

AFTER WALKING my two huge and headstrong dogs twice a day for years, I was looking for a low-impact exercise that wouldn’t strain my...

Editor’s Note: November 2023

THIS MONTH marks the one-year anniversary of a fateful day in the history of this publication. On the Monday after Thanksgiving (November 28), the...

Shop Talk: Afterglow Market

RACHEL MIRABELLA saw too much plastic when she worked in fast fashion—hangers, tags, individually bagged garments in shipments. When she opened Afterglow Market in...

The Good Life

Brain Booster

WHO REMEMBERS the iconic final confrontation in Crazy Rich Asians that made everyone want to learn mahjong? Originating in 19th-century China, mahjong is similar...

My Look: Jennifer Pace Robinson

Oooh, cool tee shirt! This look is an old favorite and has become my uniform. I love to mix colors and patterns. My husband is...

Traveler: A Sea Change In Destin, Florida

HAS IT BEEN too long since you’ve bonded with your besties? Head to the Henderson Beach Resort. A revival of the grand seaside resorts...

Home Of The Month: Midcentury Makeover

MIDCENTURY modern design is everywhere in Bloomington. In fact, split-level and ranch-style homes are as common in the suburbs near Indiana University as the...

Patachou Restaurants Have Gotten Edgier. Here’s How.

THE COLOR of the new Cafe Patachou in the Stutz Building is Sherwin-Williams Halcyon Green, a restful green-gray that skews dusty blue in a...

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