The Mile Square’s Capital Gains

Investments in public safety, cleanliness, and outreach are coming to the Mile Square.
Jennifer Rumsey, Cummins CEO sports a blonde bob and a black jacket in this photo studio image with a grey background

Q&A With Cummins CEO Jennifer Rumsey

Jennifer Rumsey is guiding Cummins through the electric vehicle revolution.
A waterway leading to a downtown

The Future Of Downtown

It’s no secret that downtown has a skyline-sized problem brought on by the pandemic. But a historic slate of development is underway that may revitalize the city’s core to its Super Bowl–era glory. Here, a tour of what’s working, what’s not, and what remains to be seen.

Monon 30 Breathes Life Into Urban Blight

Ten local companies pooled their resources to purchase 50 acres of abandoned Indianapolis property with big plans to revitalize the area.
The Stutz illustration

Inside The Stutz Controversy

Everyone loves the Stutz Building redevelopment except the departing artists.



Out of Darkness

One morning when she was around five years old, Suzanne Crouch woke up in a...

Time Marches On

ON A DRIPPY October Saturday in 1973, I’m standing, cornet in hand, with 145 fellow...

The Beat: Myth Busters

Conner Prairie is digging into a problematic past through its popular new podcast, which shines a light on the skewed understanding of history that too many of us hold.

Back Home Again: Trees of Life

Sleep, creep, and leap is my motto, but I still say plastic trees are the way of the future.

On the Rise: Comic Book Hero

Indy's Gavin Smith has landed in the graphic-arts big time, lending his talents to such household names as Star Trek and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Opinion & Columns

Philip Gulley: A Higher Calling

Sure, everyone has a cellphone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an instrument of the devil. Let mine be a cautionary tale.

Philip Gulley: A Quaker Dream Home

I’m downsizing. Between the washing tub, rotary phone, and electricity-generating bike, my new house will be a little piece of heaven.
Phil Gulley getting punched by the number 22.

Sick With Worry

As a hypochondriac, I make the most of my maladies, describing them to all who listen.

Hardly Your Average Joe

My lifelong pal, Joe Saddler, saved me from going to hell—and so much more.
an illustration of Phil Gulley caught up in his list of to-dos

I’ll Do It Tomorrow

I have a long to-do list, and getting started on it is probably on there.