The First Real Sign Of Whole Foods Downtown Appears

Now we believe it’s really happening.
Finally! Whole Foods has hung a sign on the 360 Market Square apartment complex downtown, where the retailer will open its second Indy location. The deal was announced a couple of years ago and confirmed several times, but we couldn’t help become a little skeptical as the seasons turned without the company building any excitement about its street-level store. There has never been a “coming soon, Whole Foods!” sign in the window, an easy marketing tactic. Whole Foods hasn’t had a presence at any downtown events, like Workforce Week. We have pressed developer Flaherty & Collins: “Are you sure this is real? Are your fingers crossed?” They always reassured us Whole Foods was coming. But we wanted a sign—like, an actual shingle with words on it. And now, seeing the store’s logo at parking garage entrances, we finally believe. Another good omen: According to Downtown Indy, Inc., Whole Foods is working on the hiring process, and the store is expected to open March 25. Start saving your paychecks, urban kale lovers.