Country Sampler: Indiana’s Top Party Barns

Know your party barns.

Chandeliers and dance floors have replaced crops and horse stalls in these barns–turned–event spaces, Indy’s trendiest setting for gatherings. Take a gander.

The Barn at Kennedy Farm

525 N. State St., Lizton, 317-646-9191,

Backstory The Amish-built post-and-beam barn sits on a historic 40-acre property. Legend has it, the farm was home to Elizabeth Leak Vieley, namesake of the town New Elizabeth, now Lizton.
Capacity 250.
Farm Charm Tree swing, a bride’s room atop a three-story tower.
Budget For Drone photography—you’ll want panoramic shots of this pastoral site.
Photo Op Railroad tracks on the property.
Cost $2,500 Monday through Thursday, $5,500 Friday through Sunday.

Avon Wedding Barn

7424 E. County Road 100 N, Avon, 317-430-5391,

Backstory In 1984, Jim Dragon invited his future wife, Darinda, to a square dance at “McKinney’s barn.” The couple purchased the farm 14 years later.
Capacity 200.
Farm Charm A silo, a creek bridge, a porch with rocking chairs and whiskey barrels.
Budget For Hay bales for theme-appropriate seating, $3 each.
Photo Op Under the heart-shaped leaves of a catalpa tree.
Cost $2,000 Monday through Wednesday, $4,500 Friday, $5,900 Saturday, $3,900 Sunday.

Emerald Acres

65 N. 700 E, Whitestown, 317-628-0919,


Backstory Built on a dairy farm in 1890, the two-story barn opened this year with dance floors on both levels. Owner Geralyn Humphrey used to manage party supplier Violet Vintage.
Farm Charm Farmhouse tables with mismatched wood chairs, plus whiskey barrels, old doors, spools, vintage sofa and chairs.
Capacity 100 indoors, 150 outdoors.
Photo Op Among a row of towering pine trees, at sunset.
Cost $3,330 Friday, $3,700 Saturday, $3,145 Sunday.

The Barn at Zyntango Farm

5175 E. 300 S, Whitestown, 317-603-1363,


Backstory Built in 1892 and now part of a working organic farm, the 4,000-square-foot barn opened for business last year.
Capacity 160.
Farm Charm A barn-wood head table for 10, cozy blankets for cool weather, chickens, farmhouse access.
Budget For A wedding planner—the venue requires a point person on the big day.
Photo Op A 1957 Oliver tractor and wagon.
Cost $5,500 for a Friday or Saturday starting August 2017—the place is booked until then.

The Barn in Zionsville

8556 E. 300 S, Zionsville, 317-416-3841,

Barn in Zionsville

Backstory Sarah Keeker, who owns Plum & Poppy wedding planning, turned her family’s 20-year-old horse barn into an event space in 2013.
Capacity 150 inside, more outside.
Farm Charm Oak barrels pulled straight from Kentucky’s bourbon trail, a bonfire pit.
Budget For A s’mores bar. Caterers such as Jonathan Byrd’s will provide a river-rock fire and all the fixings for about $5 per person.
Photo Op With Merryleggs, a pony.
Cost $4,250 Friday and Saturday nights.