Q&A: Phillip Phillips Plays Indiana State Fair

The former <em>American Idol</em> star performs tonight.

Celebrating the “Year of the Coliseum,” the 2014 Indiana State Fair has assembled an impressive roster of talent for this year’s concert series in the newly renovated venue. American Idol star Phillip Phillips will hit the stage this evening. We caught up with the singer before the show.
Your show at the State Fair could be considered a “bookend” performance, coming almost exactly one year after your last Indiana visit. What has changed since we saw you last?
I released my second album, Behind the Light, lost some hair, and generally aged a little. But I’m still touring.
When you were here last August, you opened for John Mayer. This month, you’re headlining the State Fair. How does your approach to this show differ from the show you played last year?
I have a little more freedom since it’s my own show. I’ll play more music.
How would you say your sound has changed since your first album, The World from the Side of the Moon?
It really hasn’t changed. This album is just a different expression of who I am. I suppose it does have more musicality and depth.
Since one of your American Idol audition songs was “Thriller,” and you’ll be performing in the birth state of Michael Jackson, is there a possibility that cover may make another appearance?
You never know. I make my set lists right before shows according to the vibe.
After this tour wraps, what’s next for you?
More touring. And hopefully a little rest at some point. But I just want to keep playing music.
Do you hope to return to Indiana anytime soon—say, next August?
As long as I’m welcome, I’ll keep coming back.
Photo by Nick Walker
Phillips takes the Coliseum stage August 5 at 8 p.m.