Snap! Mike Epps and Kevin Hart Get Personal in Twitter Feud

The Indy native and his more-famous (for the moment, at least) comic rival recently aired dirty laundry for millions of followers to see.

The kerfuffle began on Friday morning, when comic (and Indianapolis homeboy) Mike Epps, a radio guest on K104 in Dallas, was asked to name an overrated comedian.

“One overrated comedian: Kevin Hart,” Epps answered. “In this business right here, guess what? Sometimes marketing could be bigger than talent.”

Hart, a stand-up bigshot and star of the recent Ice Cube vehicle Ride Along, caught wind of Epps’s slight and quickly took to Instagram to express his displeasure, posting, “You do clubs & small theaters… I DO ARENA’S man.” Hear more of Hart’s retort in the following video:


The beef soon spilled over into Twitter, where, as far as we could tell, it is still ongoing. Here are some of the hightlights:



The spat marks at least the second time Epps and Hart have Twitter-tangled (twangled?): Last year, Hart blew up on Twitter after Epps said he looked like a “drunk pug.”


Epps photo by Tony Valainis