Video: Lily & Madeleine Perform at Best of Indy Party

An owl, one of the event’s non-human stars, couldn’t upstage the sister sirens as they sang and strummed while partygoers noshed on pork-belly plates, gluten-free goodies, and much more.
Fledgling pop-folk duo Lily & Madeleine serenaded the Best of Indy Party’s audience on Dec. 5 with a trio of tracks from their eponymous full-length debut album, including the lush “Paradise,” seen here:

Now about that owl:
He appears along the path of Eagle Creek Park’s Coffer Dam Trail, now hallowed ground in a way in light of its Best of Indy selection as Best Nature Trail. What’s more, this mini owl is fully grown, can turn his head 270 degrees, and actually remains nameless. (There should probably be a contest built around lending him a moniker.) Check out the little flapper here:

Much more was in store at the Best of Indy bash (see #BestofIndy tweets here), as seen in the photos below and the videos above. Here’s a look at the winners who lined up to get their own magazine cover moments, too.