Gen Con: Worlds Collide

Gen Con will be held at the Indiana Convention Center August 4 to 7.
Since landing in Indy in 2003, Gen Con has morphed into the largest tabletop to-do in the country, drawing enough Magic: The Gathering masters and World of Warcraft wizards to fill Lucas Oil Stadium. And while traditional gaming still spills from every corner of the convention center, attendee interests have become just as sprawling as the role-playing diversions at the event’s heart. This instruction manual to the multiverse of cosplay—dressing up as fictional characters—will help you tell an orc from a drow when they descend on downtown this month.


“I like that Shade has depth and flaws and a genuine desire to protect what he values. He’s made poor decisions and was corrupted by the world, but found his way back to sanity and literally expelled his demons.”


“I’ve been involved in theater most of my life, and costuming is a passion of mine … I couldn’t see too much.”

Manga & Anime

“The amount of people who recognized [Space Dandy], or simply enjoyed the cosplay, made it worth all the effort and time that went into it.”



“My favorite parts of cosplaying are constructing the outfits, posing for pictures, and walking downtown—because of all the strange looks I receive.”


“I love that there are so many aspects of geekery being celebrated.”


“In the week before Gen Con, I spent every day and night building this monstrosity, and it took up much of the basement, much to my parents’ dismay.”