Indiana University’s Dr. Aaron E. Carroll On Running Schools Safely During COVID-19

When Dr. Aaron E. Carroll joined the team tasked with ensuring IU Hoosiers’ safe return to school last fall, he knew it wasn’t the science he’d have to figure out, there being a standard playbook in place for managing the spread of diseases like COVID-19 — it would be the logistics and implementation of that playbook, including getting buy-in from a justifiably fearful and skeptical public. Now, many months later, case numbers are falling across the country and multiple vaccines are rolling out, but the coronavirus isn’t done with us just yet. Dr. Carroll joined the Monthly Weekly to talk about how he fought the pandemic in Bloomington, why a safe return to school is not only possible, but desirable for most of America’s schoolchildren, and how vaccines will change the way we live in 2021.

The Colleges That Took the Pandemic Seriously,” The Atlantic
Stop Expecting Life to Go Back to Normal Next Year,” The New York Times

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