John Green: Back To The Big Screen?

Author of books <em>The Fault In Our Stars</em> and <em>Paper Towns</em>, both of which have been adapted to film, has sold the movie rights to his latest novel, <em>Turtles All The Way Down</em>.

In his most-recent video on the wildly popular YouTube channel he hosts with his brother, Indianapolis author John Green announced yesterday that the movie rights to his latest novel, Turtles All The Way Down, have been sold to Fox 2000. This marks the third time Green’s books and the production company have teamed up for a film adaptation. A yet-to-be-announced project about AFC Wimbledon, the League One professional soccer team in England backed by Green, has also been optioned by Fox 2000.

Released earlier this year and set in Indianapolis, Turtles All The Way Down centers on Aza Holmes, a teenager living with obsessive-compulsive disorder. When a local billionaire disappears, Aza and her friend Daisy set out to find the missing man. Inspired by Green’s own struggles with obsessive-compulsive “thought spirals,” Turtles All The Way Down has earned the writer even more critical acclaim. The New York Times called it “a wrenching and revelatory novel,” while The Guardian dubbed the book “a new modern classic.”

Green cautions that while the film rights have been sold, “it doesn’t mean there will definitely be a movie, but it means that there might be one.” At the time of publishing the video, Turtles All The Way Down has been No. 1 for Young Adult novels for seven straight weeks on The New York Times Best Sellers list.