Lily & Madeleine's New Music Video Hits the Spots

Indianapolis’s sister sirens sing solemnly of love in local scenes
Okay, Indianapolites Indianapolitans whoever you are, here’s a new way to tell how hipster you have become: How many local places* do you recognize in Lily & Madeleine’s new video for their song “Can’t Admit It”? It dropped at this week. A few dimly lit hot spots appear in the clip, from Fountain Square to SoBro, as the nearly-four-minute narrative’s leads roll from scene to scene, loving and brooding on each other. The sisters are there, ready to reveal Indy’s best places to be forlorn, wistful, and falling in or out of love. (What’s more, some of the women here in the Indianapolis Monthly office would be incredibly grateful if a reader happens to know who cut the model’s hair. Suffice it to say, they want that cut.)
It’s another pretty, sleepy song from the duo, and in the video, the sisters Jurkiewicz appear a bit ambivalent or detached about the relationship playing out on screen, as if leaving it to Indy’s streetscapes to express this sad-eyed love. What remains moving about their music, featured in last month’s issue of IM, is how they deliver such alternately soothing and haunting harmonies. That’s nothing new to their repertoire, but they do it from the start in “Can’t Admit It,” their voices riding a sedated beat (yes, a beat) for the intro’s 25 seconds to set the tone before offering any intelligible words.
The sisters released their latest album, Fumes, late last month; a different video—not as arty but sorta—appeared then for this song. Not straying far from their roots, Lily & Madeleine shot that particular clip (below) on October 1 at John McNaughton’s Twisted House at the Indianapolis Art Center with videographers MonkeyEatsMonkey:

*The places we recognize in the clip: The Brass Ring, LUNA Music, and, well, the Cultural Trail—not just for exercising but also a good place to frolic-walk with your loved one and/or argue with that person.
Screenshots via Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo