Opposites: Zach DePue

The ISO concertmaster and Time for Three violinist on the NBA, hipster style, and plane etiquette.

Zach Depue

Music You Might Be Surprised I Like
Old-school hip-hop on 93.9
Music I Can’t Stand
Elevator music

Always Cool beer
Kindness, classical music, and beer.
Never Cool
The person in front of you on a plane who abruptly leans their seat back. Boom! Just happened to me and NOT COOL, Mrs. Smithinconsiderate.


GlobeFavorite Trip
South America with the Philadelphia Orchestra, 2003.
Worst Trip
Japan, 2013. I got deported. Long story; I made the gig in Matsumoto, though.

Trophy Zach DePueMoment of Triumph 
Sibelius concerto at Interlochen,  1995. I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since.
Complete Fail
Wieniawski second violin
concerto, 2010.


Subjects I Can’t Stop Talking About Lately
Classical music, NBA (always), Russia (what’s the story there?), and ISO.
Subjects I Avoid
Politics, religion, and Russia (ha).

Style Trend I Love Polo Tee
Brooklyn hipster, prep (polo dude never goes out of style), obnoxious golf attire.
Style Trend I Can’t Stand
Those Affliction T-shirts and skull stuff, I don’t really understand. Goth never attracted me much, either.

Punch BurgerAlways Up For
Good times with people I care about, movies, food, music, golf, pool, and any other competitive game.
Never Up For
Practicing the violin, although once I get started I can’t stop. Getting the thing out of the case is the hardest part.

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