Quick Q&A: John Fogerty

On July 5, the former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman rocks the Murat Theatre. We caught up with him down on the corner for a chat.
You met your wife in Indy in 1986. What do you remember about that evening?

That night changed my life forever.  But I plan to tell the story in my book, coming out October 6, so you’ll have to wait to hear it.


What Indiana attractions did she drag you to see in those early years, and do you have any favorites?

The St. Joe River is beautiful. Bonnie Doon in Mishawaka still serves my favorite ice cream. And Notre Dame. With a name like Fogerty, you’ve got to love the Fighting Irish.


On this “1969” tour, you’re going to spend your summer playing Creedence songs. Do you still have to practice those after all these years?

It’s something like riding a bicycle. But I do have to rehearse to get things just right.


Despite some disagreements among the band members, you’ve said that you’d be open to a Creedence reunion. Do you miss playing with those guys?

My answer about a reunion was more in the realm of “anything’s possible.” My old band mates just sued me again. I don’t miss that!