Justin Wilson in Photos

A tribute to the popular IndyCar driver who died Monday after a weekend crash at Pocono Speedway.
On August 23, during the Verizon IndyCar series’ ABC Supply 500 race at Pocono Speedway in Pennsylvania, driver Justin Wilson, 37, sustained a head injury when he was struck by on-track debris from a crash. He died the following day.

Since 2004, Wilson, a native of England, had compiled 174 starts in IndyCar and Champ Car, with seven wins. He logged eight Indianapolis 500 starts, finishing fifth in 2013. He was one of only three drivers to have competed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the United States Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500, and the Grand Prix of Indianapolis. He is survived by his wife, Julia, and two daughters.

IM May Madness writer and photographer Kate Shoup got to know Wilson through her husband, Olivier Boisson, a native of France and an engineer with KV Racing Technology. Here are her photos—and recollections—of the departed driver:

Justin was the first driver Olivier worked with when he arrived in the U.S. They were both young and single at the time, and hung out a lot. Olivier adored him.

Justin was easily the most well-liked and well-respected driver in the paddock. It was a complete mystery to everyone why he had never managed to land a decent full-time ride. Ask any driver, and they’ll tell you just that—and they would have done so even before Justin died. The nice things you’re reading about Justin now aren’t merely the guy just died so let’s sanctify him bullshit. He was truly a warm, pleasant, calm, kind, and decent person, with a very strong—but never dirty—competitive instinct.

There are a great many drivers who care a lot more about the lifestyle associated with being a racecar driver than they do about driving, but Justin was not one of them. He lived quietly and simply with his family, and his wife was absolutely without question the love of his life. To say he will be missed is a ridiculous understatement.