My Best of Indy: Julia Moffitt

As a morning anchor for WTHR, Julia Moffitt is used to being in the spotlight—and that includes her wardrobe. Viewers often take to Twitter to ask her where she found that dress or necklace, and the mother of two tweets back. Here, she shares a few of her shopping secrets.
I have two totally different styles: TV-ready clothes and how I dress in person. For work, I get a lot of my stuff at Saks, Nordstrom, and Nordstrom Rack. I’ll even just Google “unique dresses,” because on TV, we can all look the same. Sometimes, I’ll just go into T.J. Maxx, find a $20 dress, and wear it on-air. No one can tell.
For off-air dresses, there are a couple of boutiques in Carmel that I love. One is Cloth, which has very different pieces—they don’t carry 20 variations of the same thing. And 14 Districts is a cute store. They stock all the trendy stuff, but they also have comfortable clothes like boyfriend jeans and cashmere sweaters. If I’m looking for something really stylish, I can always count on 8 Fifteen in Broad Ripple.
As far as trends, I’ve decided that I’m going to get a pair of leather pants this season. It’s probably not cutting-edge, but it’s one of my goals!