Mayors On The Map

Eight Indiana mayors whose towns lie in the direct path of the solar eclipse prepare for their four minutes of fame.

Chris Jensen, Mayor of Noblesville
IN TOWN: What better place to spend the duration of the historic solar event than under the stars at Noblesville’s Ruoff Music Center? The Total Eclipse Tailgate will include live entertainment, food trucks, and a NASA expert speaking about the solar eclipse.

Joe Yochum, Mayor of Vincennes
“If you stand here on the bridge that connects Illinois and Indiana, you can see the eclipse from two different time zones and in two different states. We’ve been told to expect maybe 100,000 people.”

Mark Myers, Mayor of Greenwood
“We’re planning our festivities through the Parks Department on Sunday, the day before. We know that Monday is when visitors are going to be coming into town. And that will be my ride-my-bike-to-work day.”

Steve Barnett, Mayor of Franklin
“We’re expecting a huge influx of people, but we have been planning this for way over a year. I just know that for the Fourth of July last year, we had 19,500 people, and traffic was pretty slow for a couple hours.”

Scott Fadness, Mayor of Fishers
IN TOWN: Fishers sky-gazers will välkommen the eclipse by gathering in the IKEA parking lot to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime event. Pre-register through the store’s website (and show proof of IKEA family membership) to join the festivities from noon to 4 p.m.

Thomas Estabrook, Mayor of Bicknell
“The last time a solar eclipse came through here was 1869, which was the same year that our city was founded. The eclipse happened in August, and John Bicknell submitted his plat for the town in October. So we’re pretty confident he was here.”

Scott Willis, Mayor of Westfield
“As a young man, I thought I wanted to be an astronaut—until I got a little bit older and realized that I don’t like roller coasters. I am a bit of a geek when it comes to this. Would I drive hours and hours to see it? Probably not. But it’s in my backyard!”

Greg York, Mayor of New Castle
“We’re a community of 19,000 people, and they say 20,000 people will be coming here. Our airport is already full of reservations from people who want to fly in to the New Castle airport to watch the eclipse from the airport. They will just fly in and fly out afterwards.”