Five Hot Drinks To Warm Up With Right Now

These cloudy, cold days can dampen anyone’s spirits. Check out these five boozy drinks to get a taste of the warmth that is just around the corner.
The Ball & Biscuit

Who needs to go out in the cloud-covered drear when you have Mother’s Milk —a delicious hot cocktail served at The Biscuit—right in front of you? Consisting of West Fork Whiskey, walnut-and-rose-water syrup, and bourbon barrel–aged coffee grounds, this drink will make you want to cozy up by the fire. 331 Massachusetts Ave., 317-636-0539


This Fountain Square joint’s menu changes regularly, so it’s a surefire bet that you can find a new cocktail to try. The Spanish Coffee, a cup of joe spiked with brandy and topped with luscious whipped cream, should lure you in from the icy temps. 1127 Shelby St., 317-974-9580


Come in and stomp the snow off your feet—Repeal is offering much more than just your regular hot chocolate, adding a little spike and spice to the mix. This boozy beverage will be sure to thaw your cold fingertips. 630 Virginia Ave., 317-672-7514

Hotel Tango 

Cast aside the usual beer or vodka tonic and head over to Hotel Tango for something totally new. The mulled cider will knock your wool socks off. 702 Virginia Ave., 317-653-1806

Sahm’s Ale House Village

When the cold weather has you down, cheer up with a Fireside Manhattan at Sahm’s Ale House Village, which features rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, mole bitters, and even smoke. 12819 E. New Market St., Carmel, 317-853-6278