Brady Laughlin’s Look

The Milktooth server shows off his style tricks including fried eggs on his elbows.

Are those fried eggs on your elbows?

Yes; they’re vinyl. I took them off of an old tote bag. I also embroidered my name and two baby teeth. I used to sew a lot, and I made this for Milktooth’s opening day.

What else do you wear?

Vintage Levis. Overalls are hard to come by. I bought a pair from Japan online.

Do you have a style trick?

I always show my ankles with denim. It makes you look taller.

What was the last thing you bought in town?

A vintage B.B. King tour shirt from Salvation Army, and a McDonald’s employee sweater. It’s my favorite thing. It has chenille arches.

Milktooth is hipster central. Where do you stand on the term?

I do not like it and don’t identify with it. At Milktooth, people aren’t caught up in a look. They roll out of bed and throw on their clothes.