May's First Bite

News and notes from the Indy dining scene.

Swoon: Calliope Sno-balls

Don’t you dare refer to these shaved-ice beauties drizzled with natural fruit syrups as “snow cones.” For Louisiana native Lori Leaumont, co-owner of Calliope Sno-balls, there’s no comparison between the watery carnival treat and the Bayou original she and husband Nicholas Manuel serve from their brightly painted food truck that will be pulling into farmers markets and festivals this summer. Fine as new-fallen snow, the shaved ice is drizzled with creams and flavors like strawberry rhubarb and wedding cake. For a taste of the classic, go for the New Orleans Nectar Cream, with hints of cherry, almond, and vanilla.

The Feed

ON TAP Books & Brews (a used bookstore–brewpub mash-up in Indy and Zionsville) is starting a new chapter in Muncie, and owner Jason Wuerfel just began franchising the popular business.
SMOOTHIE MOVE A fresh Greenleaf Juicing Company is mixing things up just off Monument Circle.
SNACK ATTACK Chef Adam’s Kitchen opened in Hamilton Town Center, focusing on flavored popcorn and grab-and-go items.

Pinch of Wisdom

“To do any kind of Japanese cooking, the four ingredients you must have are sake, soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. My grandma always made sure we had those in the kitchen. Add in garlic and ginger, and you can make a great teriyaki sauce.”
—Nina Takamure, sushi chef at Asaka Japanese Restaurant