Soft Sell: Indy's Best Froyo Values

A quick look at what spots give you the most for your buck—or five.

Who hasn’t felt a bit of sticker shock upon setting a little tub of dandified frozen yogurt on a metal scale to be weighed and priced at one of Indy’s proliferating shops? Here’s a curl-by-curl comparison of which ones give you the most swirl for your cents.*
» Sweet JoJo Frozen Yogurt & Cupcake
» Huddles Frozen Yogurt
» Red Line Frozen Yogurt
» Yo Joy Frozen Yogurt
» Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
» Indy Swirl
» Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt
» Pearings Cafe & Frozen Yogurt
» Cultured Swirl

More tasty ice-cream coverage from around Central Indiana appears in the July 2014 issue of IM.