Spread the Word on ‘Nduja

Born on the Calabrian coast of southern Italy, the spreadable salami ’nduja is made of ground dried hot peppers blended with fresh pork before curing. Unlike a traditional salami, which is fermented long enough to transform into a dry, coarse product, ’nduja (pronounced en-DOO-ya) is referred to as a “young” cure and consumed while still in paste form. That unique nature means it can be served straight up alongside other cured meats and cheeses on a charcuterie board, as they do at Bluebeard, or mixed with diverse flavors and textures to enhance other menu items. At Late Harvest Kitchen, ’nduja is whipped with butter, and then rubbed under the crispy skin of roasted chicken. On Spoke & Steele’s Naughty Grl’d Cheese, Smoking Goose ’nduja sits atop toasted brioche, with fig jam and Tulip Tree trillium cheese. Buy it out of the case at Goose the Market for home experimentation. An easy favorite? Spread it on hot toast and watch the magic happen. The heat will render the fat and create a silky spread, heavy on peppery, potent aromatics.



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