Swoon: Homey Hot Pot

Homey Hot Pot
Homey Hot Pot & Sushi Buffet

Tony Valainis

Combine the DIY fun of fondue, tabletop Korean barbecue, and a good, old-fashioned salad bar, and you have Homey Hot Pot. The westside eatery specializes in the Asian hot pot trend, presenting diners with personal cauldrons heated on burners built into the tables. Get creative with a choice of nine broths and all-you-can-eat ingredients that you throw into the pot to cook as you snack on sushi (included in the $22.99 price). Protein options alone range from streaky pork to quail eggs to razor clams. What it all boils down to is a meal that’s equal parts fun and tasty.

Homey Hot Pot

3649 Lafayette Rd., 317-295-1982