The Wyliepalooza Ice-Cream Truck

After three months of construction, the shop’s much-anticipated ice-cream truck is rolling into town. Here, the scoop on its sweet new ride.

Project Length

Shop co-owner Patty Timmons’s son-in-law began working on the truck part-time—gutting the interior and installing new flooring—at the end of March, and the project was finished at the end of May.
Purchase Info
Timmons bought the Snap-on Tools truck on Craigslist from a seller in New York.
The truck cost $5,600, talked down from the original resale price of $8,000.
It’s the size of a standard UPS truck: 24 feet long and 8 feet wide.
Inside, two cold-plate freezers are plugged in overnight and kept at 10 below zero, allowing the ice cream to hard-freeze.
In order to apply for a mobile vending license, Timmons turned in a detailed plan to the Marion County Health Department. After almost a 30-day waiting period, a member of the health department came to do the official inspection and issue the license in person, which cost nearly $200.

The eclectic playlist consists of songs by Lady Gaga, Doris Day, and Maroon 5, to name a few. “It’s my ice-cream truck, and I’ll play what I want to,” Timmons jokes.
The truck’s first event was the Greenwood Freedom Festival. It will also make stops around downtown. Check the Twitter page (@wylietruck) for updates.
Front Seat
Timmons drives the vehicle.
They serve 12 of the store’s top picks, like Zanzibar Chocolate, Mint Madness, Blueberry Cheesecake, Rocky Road, and Butter Pecan. Boba tea flavors, including passionfruit, lychee, and hibiscus, are also on the menu.
Timmons and crew wear pink, green, and black aprons stamped with the word, “Hello.” “It’s a friendly greeting that’s written on all of our tables at both locations,” Timmons says, referencing the stores in Irvington and Brownsburg.
The Amish in Northern Indiana made the truck’s custom concession windows.

More tasty ice-cream coverage from around Central Indiana appears in the July 2014 issue of IM, including an Indy fro-yo roundup.