Top Five Vegan Dishes

Eat your veggies.
Vegans. They use buzzwords like seitan and tofu, get creative when making basics like burgers and omelets, and are incredibly good at using hashtags. They also make mouthwatering dishes that will blow your mind without giving you a heart attack.

In celebration of World Vegan Month this November, we created a list of five vegan-friendly dishes you can try out at local restaurants in Indy with your animal-friendly friends. Remember to take pictures—is it really vegan if you don’t put it on Instagram?


Three Carrots

Buffalo? Macaroni? Satisfy your unhealthy cravings in a healthy way before topping it off with a light salad. (Well, it’s not gluten-free.)


Patachou on the Park


An omelet without eggs? Now you’ve seen everything, and it’s soy delicious.

Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe

The loveliest spot in Indy. #vegan #buddhabowl #eatyourgreens

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The Buddha Bowl at Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe might look more like what you’d expect of a vegan dish, but you’d better believe it’s still tasty. Vegan salads are the best salads.

The Sinking Ship II

A vegan-friendly sports bar? Seitan ain’t so! Who needs buffalo wings when you’ve got these delectable bites?

Tulip Noir

#Pumpkin waffles with pear marmalade, apples, and walnuts. #TulipNoir #vegan #nomnomnom #foodie #brunch

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Pumpkin waffles? Pear marmalade? That presentation? No complaints here—vegans do brunch better.