What’s In That? S’more Pot De Crème

Tinker Street’s ode to the campfire favorite elevates the ooey, gooey treat to sophisticated, fire-free delight.
Chef and co-owner Braedon Kellner combines equal parts heavy cream and whole milk with dark chocolate and just a wisp of high-quality liquid smoke to create a rich and velvety ganache. Soft, delicate marshmallow fluff is piped onto the chocolate base before Kellner torches the pillowy peaks.  Scorched thyme leaves mimic singed kindling while imparting herbaceous notes.  A crispy splinter of graham cracker tuile is nestled into the fluff.  The incinerated trimmings of the restaurant’s daily vegetables are ground into a woodsy ash, not just for aroma, but so a heaping spoonful of the dessert can be dipped into the dust.